Project Description

The stationary compactor is ideal for dry waste applications in applications such as commercial or industrial distribution centers.

This is our most popular rental compactor option. The stationary compactor is ideal for maximum compaction. They also reduce labor costs and disposal fees by reducing the frequency of pick-ups by waste collection services. RSI has stationary compactor rental options for every application, give us a call so we can right fit you with the best solution.


  • IEC motor starter
  • Heavier steel in key structural areas for heavy-duty construction: charge box floor and ram face, 1⁄2-inch (12.7mm) steel; ram top, 3⁄8-inch (9.52mm) steel; sides, 1⁄4-inch (6.35mm) steel plate.
  • TEFC (totally enclosed fan cooled) motor Quick release motor mount on the side mounted power unit for easy servicing and maintenance.
  • TRICON Fullness Assurance System eleminates all but one limit switch. It also produces better compaction ratios by making the ram dwell against the trash, reducing the “memory” and springback. TRICON offers better cold weather performance and extends the life of the compactor.